Strong Emphasis On
Conceptual Understanding

We believe that students who understand the underlying concepts of a subject are better able to apply their knowledge to real-world problems and succeed in their studies. We achieve this by using a range of teaching techniques, including visual aids, real-world examples, and problem-based learning.

Customised Solution

We understand that each student is unique and may have different learning needs and styles. That’s why we provide personalised solutions to cater to each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

Developing Problem-Solving Skills And Critical Thinking Abilities

Building on conceptual understanding, we also push students to think critically and tackle problems from different angles. We provide our students with a range of practice exercises and past papers, allowing them to develop their skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, and mathematical reasoning.

Tested And Proven
In-House Materials

To ensure academic success, we provide all ours students with quality materials developed internally. Our materials are comprehensive, covering all aspects of the syllabus such as concepts, problem-solving skills and common mistakes. We also ensure our materials are also highly-structured for our students to follow the material and understand how each topic relates to the broader subject.

Qualified And
Experienced Tutors

At Acer Academy, we take pride in our team of qualified and experienced tutors. Our tutors are carefully selected based on their subject expertise, teaching experience, and passion for education. We believe that our tutors are the key to our students’ success, and we are committed to providing the highest quality teaching to our students. In addition to their subject expertise, our tutors are also experienced in teaching students from a variety of backgrounds and learning styles. They are patient, encouraging, and able to provide personalized support to each student. They are committed to helping our students achieve their academic goals, and are always available to answer questions and provide additional support outside of class.